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Buy quick drilling screws?

Speed ​​drilling screws, the name says it all, are very suitable for fast screwing. This is one of the best screws, especially for the softer types of wood. Due to the somewhat coarser design and the drill point, grip quickly develops and this screw disappears into the wood much faster than a standard type. So you save a lot of time. A second advantage is that you do not have to pre-drill through the cutting head and the so-called knurling; you save twice as much time. The shape and structure of the screw ensures that it sinks nicely into the material and pulls the wood parts firmly together. You can therefore use them in many different indoor and outdoor applications. If you are going to work outside, it is best to use the stainless steel quick-drilling screws. These are more resistant to the weather, which prevents them from rusting. So never go for nails, these will also rust over time, which means that the whole job has to be redone. So it is always better to invest inStainless steel screws .

Buy quick drilling screws

PROBO quick-drilling screws

D e PROBO most quickly drill screws are equipped with a 20 bit or, when the longer variants, a 25 Torx bit. Always use the correct tools during processing to achieve a lasting beautiful result. In addition, it is wise to measure the thickness of the material in advance, so that you always order and use the correct size. This will prevent the screw from coming out at the back or not fitting. Are you unable to resolve it? We are happy to help you choose the right screw for every job. Please  contact us!


  • • The PROBO quick- drilling screws are ideally suited for fast  drilling in wood without pre-drilling.
  • • Due to the cutting head and knurling, the screws drill many times faster than a normal chipboard screw .
  • • The ridges under the head ensure that the quick-drilling screws pull neatly into the wood.

Order quick drilling screws

We supply self-drilling screws in packs of 100 or 200 pieces in the size you need, varying from 40 to 60 millimeters. In our wide range we also have the other necessary fasteners in stock for both the professional and the hobby handyman. Order all your material immediately and receive it the next working day. From € 300.00 we even deliver completely free of charge. Use it to your advantage!

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